Friday, December 25, 2015

Sherry Turkle III

While killing time before Christmas dinner I came across this article. It is a counterpoint to the predominantly negative light that Sherry Turkle shines on new technology. The article supports the position I took that algorithms, though perhaps different ones from those she mentions, might actually improve lives. I find it interesting that even without true AI it may be possible to use devices like the one described to point people in the right direction. It may seem a little creepy to have a gadget tell you that there are problems in your marriage, but would that be any worse than having an interminably bad relationship with no prospect of improvement? Even so, Turkle may be correct in the sense that there may be no benefit to identifying marital problems if the parties involved have already permanently stunted their self-awareness or their communication skills through the use of undesirable apps. From a developmental standpoint some app-dependent people may already be beyond reach.

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